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About workspaces

inSync On-premise 5.4 Administrator Guide
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Workspaces are shared folders that administrators create to allow multiple users to store and access data. Managed workspaces allow you to create IT-managed folders and assign them to defined groups (finance, HR, marketing) and delegated owners as required for ownership changes.

Members within a team can make copies of common files and folders to a workspace. Workspaces allow simultaneous access to data, and enable distributed teams to work across time zones and firewalls without requiring special file sharing software.Typically, server administrators create workspaces and assign them to separate storage. The workspace data is retained with the organization and not with members of workspaces. 

Workspaces function exactly like shared folders. They allow members to store and organize data using inSync Web or the inSync Share folder. Members can easily share and manage access to their workspace data, which eliminates the need for continual updates. A centrally managed, easy-to-use workspaces increase productivity and ensures easy collaboration between participating members.

You might want to create workspaces for different teams within your organization. For example, you can create one workspace for the Sales and another one for the Finance team. The sales and finance teams can use their own workspaces to share data with each other. inSync saves this data to a separate storage and retains the data in the storage even if members of the teams leave the organization. 

Some of the benefits of using a workspace are:

  • Corporate data is retained with the organization, even if members of a workspace leave the organization. 
  • Server administrators create workspaces.
  • You can add users to a workspace at any time.
  • Simple to create. Server administrators can follow a wizard-based procedure to quickly create workspaces.
  • inSync users can access workspace data using inSync Share or inSync Web. 
  • Makes collaboration simple by permitting multiple users to work with data. 
  • Users can add workspaces as collaborators just as they add individual users as collaborators. Using workspaces requires no added learning curve. 
  • You can create workspaces only if you are a server administrator.
  • A single user can belong to multiple workspaces.
  • A workspace is assigned to a separate storage. A workspace does not consume quota assigned to users. 
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