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Update your name and administrator account password

inSync On-premise 5.4 Administrator Guide
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Update your display name

To update your display name

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click My Account.
  2. Click Edit. The Edit Administrator window appears.
  3. In the Display name box, type a new display name that you want to use.
  4. Click Save.

Update your password

To update your password

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click My Account.
  2. Click Change Password. The Change Password window appears.
  3. In the Enter current Password box, type your current password.
  4. In the Enter new Password box, type your new password.
  5. In the Re-enter new Password box, type the same password that you provided in the​ Enter new Password box.
  6. Click Ok.
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