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Change storage assigned to a user

inSync On-premise 5.4 Administrator Guide
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While you create a user, you map the user to a storage. Data from that user's devices is backed up to this storage. You can change the storage for a user at any time. After you change a user's storage:

  • User data is backed up to the new storage.
  • Snapshots on the old storage are retained and compacted, following the retention policy.
  • The  user can restore data from any snapshot, even those available on the old storage.


  • You can change storage assigned to a user only if inSync Share is deactivated for the user. 
  • You cannot map users to a storage to which they were assigned earlier.
  • On inSync Private Cloud, you can also change the storage pool assigned to a user. For instructions, see Change storage pool assigned to a user.

Before you begin

Before you change the storage assigned to a user, ensure that your users have inSync 5.2 or later or inSync mobile App 3.3 or installed later on their devices.


To change the storage assigned to users

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click Manage > Users.
  2. Click the users for whom you want to change the storage.
  3. Click More > Change Storage.  
  4. In the Select Storage list, click new storage.
  5. Click Save.
Note: After changing the storage assigned to a user, inSync performs a full backup for the first backup. Thereafter, inSync performs incremental backups.
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