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Set up inSync Master

inSync On-premise 5.4 Administrator Guide
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This section contains information about how to install and configure inSync Master. It also contains information about how to activate your inSync setup, and use the Configuration and Express Configuration wizards to configure your inSync setup.

In this section

The following table lists the tasks that you require to set up the inSync Master.

Task Topic
Know about the prerequisites to install inSync Master on Windows and Linux Prerequisites to install inSync Master
Install inSync Master on Windows

Install inSync Master on Windows

Install inSync Master on Linux Install inSync Master on Linux
Log on to inSync Master Management Console Log on to inSync Master Management Console
Activate your inSync setup Activate your inSync setup
Configure inSync Master using the Configuration wizard Configure inSync Master using the Configuration wizard
Configure inSync Master using the Express wizard Configure inSync Master using the Express wizard
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