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Supported system settings

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You can perform system settings backup from the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.8

Note: inSync does not backup system settings on any of the Windows Server operating systems, Windows 2000, or any of the starter editions for Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

Windows system settings

The following table lists the system settings that inSync backs across Windows devices when you enable Persona Backup. 



Operating System Settings

  • Region and Language Settings: Formats, Location, Keyboards and Languages (default input language and installed services)
  • Personalization: Wallpaper, themes (not backed up from Windows XP)
  • Folder Options: General settings (navigation pane settings), View settings (display file extensions, display hidden files, hide empty drives, and use sharing wizard)
  • Encryption: Native EFS key
Browser Settings (Internet Explorer 8 or later)
  • General Settings: Home page, browser history, fonts, language, search providers
  • Security Settings: Security levels for various zones
  • Privacy Settings: Sites, InPrivate Browsing settings, and Pop-up blocker
  • Content Settings: Certificates and Publisher settings

Microsoft Outlook (2003 to 2010)

  • Email account settings: IMAP, POP, Exchange server details
  • Encryption
  • Default language
  • Email signatures
  • Junk email preferences
  • Compose message format settings (only for the same version of Microsoft Outlook)
  • Calendar work time settings
  • Email send and receive settings
  • Message arrival settings
  • Address book
  • Dictionary

MS Office (2003 to 2010)

  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel templates
  • Dictionary
Mapped/Shared Network Drives
  • Path to mapped or shared drives.
Note: inSync does not back up the credentials to access the drive. You must re-enter the credentials to access the drive. 
Printer Settings
  • Network printers (Only on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1)
Note: inSync does not backup the credentials to access the network printer or the drivers for the network printer. You must re-enter the credentials to access the printer and ensure that the destination laptop contains the requisite drivers.

Mac system settings


Settings Backed Up

Network Settings


Note: inSync does not backup passwords for wireless network connections.

Browser Settings (Safari)

  • History
  • Home page settings
  • Default search engine
  • Bookmarks

Apple Mail

  • Email ID and password
  • Email signatures
  • Font and color settings
  • General settings

Address Book



Passwords saved in Keychain


Note: If you want to back up additional system settings, contact The Druva Support team will investigate the feasibility of your requirements and help you implement
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