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Change inSync Master port

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inSync Master ports and URL

The following table lists the ports and URL that inSync Master uses.

Ports and URLs Description
Backup/sync port inSync Master uses this port to accept and sync user data. The default port is 443.
Admin UI port inSync Master uses this port to display the inSync Master Management Console. The default port is 443.
HTTPS access to Admin Console and End-User Web UI inSync user uses HTTPS to access inSync Master Management Console and inSync Web.
User web access URL inSync user uses this URL to access inSync Web.
User activation URL inSync uses this URL during user activation.

Note: The backup/sync port is critical for backup and sync operations. If you want to change the inSync Master port, contact Druva Support ( Druva does not recommend changing the inSync Master ports on your own.


To change the port number and URL of the inSync Master

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click Manage > Settings. 
  2. Under the Network tab, in the Network Settings area, click Edit. The Edit Settings window appears.

    Edit Network Settings.png

  3. On the Edit Settings window, update the ports and URL.
  4. Click Save.
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