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Install inSync Master on Windows

inSync Private Cloud Editions: File:/tick.png Elite File:/tick.png Enterprise

Before you begin

Before you install inSync Master, ensure the following:

  • You have administrator privileges on the computer where you want to install inSync Master.   
  • You have the key to activate your inSync setup. To obtain the activation key, contact Druva Support. For more information, see Activate your inSync Setup.


To install inSync Master

  1. Double-click the inSync Master installer.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Accept the end user license agreement (EULA), and click Next.
  4. Click Browse to select the full path of the installation home directory. 
  5. If you want a shortcut icon of inSync Master Management Console to appear on your computer, select Desktop shortcut check box. 
    If you want to add inSync Master Management Console icon to the Quick Launch toolbar on your computer, select Add to quick launch bar check box.
  6. Click Install.
  7. After the installation is complete, click Finish.

Create the first inSync administrator

The inSync Master Initial Configuration wizard appears after the installation is complete. You can also start the wizard by clicking, Start > All Programs > Druva inSync Master > inSync Master Management Console. In the inSync Server Initial Master wizard, provide the details of the first inSync administrator. 

To create the first inSync administrator

  1. On the inSync Server Initial Configuration wizard, provide the appropriate information for each field.
    Field Action
    Administrator Name  Type the name of the first inSync administrator.
    Email ID  Type the email ID of the first insync administrator.
    Administrator Password  Type the password of the first inSync administrator.
    Confirm Password  Type the first inSync administrator password again.
    Port Number for inSync Web Console 

    The port to communicate with inSync Master Management Console. The default value is 443.

    If you want to update the port number for inSync Master Management Console, type the new port number.

  2. Click Finish.
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