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inSync On-Premise Support and EOL Policies


EOL policy for inSync On-Premise

Each release of the inSync On-Premise comes with new features and enhancements. Druva also releases patches and hotfixes for the inSync On-Premise as and when required.  

Per Druva's end-of-life (EOL) policy, Druva discontinues versions of inSync On-Premise that are more than 2 years old. Druva's 2-year support is available only for Long Term Support (LTS) versions of inSync On-Premise. For all other versions, Druva provides product support for 1 year. If any other version of the product is supported for more than 2 years, we will explicitly inform our customers through this EOL page.

EOL for an inSync On-Premise version means an end to all technical assistance, auto-upgrades, and bug fixes for that version. During the release, Druva publishes the tentative EOL date for inSync On-Premise. Six months prior to the planned EOL date, Druva starts sending periodic reminders to its customers to ensure that they have sufficient time to upgrade.

Supported inSync On-Premise versions

Druva recommends its customers to upgrade to the latest version of inSync On-Premise. For instructions on how to upgrade to inSync On-Premise 5.5, see Upgrade to inSync 5.5. If you need any other assistance, contact Druva support (

The following table lists various releases and the EOL date for each release.

Release No. EOL Date

June 20, 2017


November 15, 2016


June 15, 2016


February 15, 2016


November 15, 2015


September 30, 2015


August 15, 2015


June 15, 2015


December 30, 2014

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