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Disable data migration for storage pools

inSync On-premise 5.4 Administrator Guide
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A storage pool acts as an automatic load balancer and ensures that data is evenly distributed across various storage that are part of the pool. One of the way that the storage pool​​ achieves load balancing is by automatically migrating users and their data from a filled storage to a relatively empty one.

When a storage in a pool becomes 80% full, some of the users and their data are automatically migrated to another storage in the pool that is relatively free (less than 70% full). The migration happens without any intervention from the inSync administrators. Once data migration is disabled for storage pools none of the storage pools allows the migration of users and their data from one storage to another in the pool.

As an administrator, you can disable the data migration functionality for storage pools. Once disabled, none of the storage pools allow the migration of users and their data from one storage to another in the pool. ​If data migration is in progress when you disable the data migration functionality, inSync will first complete the data migration, and then enforce the change in functionality.

Note: If you want to disable data migration for storage pools, contact Druva Support ( Druva does not recommend updating the configuration settings of the inSyncServer.cfg file on your own.
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