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Druva inSync Plan Update

Druva inSync plans for On-premise customers have been updated. Following are the updated product packages for inSync On-premise that will be generally available in a few weeks:

  • Private Cloud Enterprise

  • Private Cloud Elite

To activate these new editions, the existing setup will require a new inSync license. You will also need to upgrade the setup in case you have inSync 5.4 or earlier.

Note: Although you will be leveraging the new packaging benefits, the product edition will continue to show as inSync Private Cloud 5.4.1 until our next release, which is inSync 5.5. For more information about the features included in your plan, click here

How do I update my existing installation to use the new plan?

In order to leverage the features available under this update, you should have inSync Server 5.4.1. If you are not on a Private Cloud setup currently, you need to apply a new license to convert to a Private Cloud edition.

  • If you have inSync 5.4 or later, perform the following steps:

  1. Upgrade the inSync Server to inSync 5.4.1. You can view the upgrade steps here. You can download the binaries here.

  2. Request for a new license on our Support portal.

  3. Apply the new license.

  • If you have an inSync version earlier than inSync 5.4 or inSync Private Cloud 5.4, please submit an upgrade request here.

Note: We will also be releasing our much-awaited GA release in a few months. The GA release will be based on the revised packaging and licensing and will require inSync 5.4.1, which is also a prerequisite for upgrading to inSync 5.5.

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