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Release Notes

What's new in 5.4.1?

Building on the successful release of inSync 5.4, inSync 5.4.1 delivers new features for client usability and performance, new features in inSync Share, and enhanced mobile device security features through Druva’s partnership with MobileIron.

Enhanced Performance and Scalability

  • High performance backup for Mac endpoints: FSEvents (File System Events API in Mac OS X) integration to detect incremental changes to file, minimizing system resource usage by up to 40%.
  • Scalability: inSync Private Cloud has been validated to scale more efficiently to 100,000+ users.

Non-intrusive, Efficient End-user Experience

  • Presentation mode: Recognizes presentation mode is activated to ensure endpoint resources are focused on immediate needs (Mac Only).
  • Optimized battery usage: Configurable battery controls to ensure the battery is reserved for critical functions as per end-user settings.
  • Intuitive experience:With Finder (Mac) & Explorer (Windows) integration, inSync provides a familiar and intuitive experience.

New Sync and Share Capabilities

  • Enhanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Encryption of shared folders and workspaces, resulting in an additional layer of protection for confidential enterprise data on endpoints.
  • Time-based file locking: Users can exclusively edit a file for a duration of time to avoid file editing conflicts, while also providing a mechanism to ensure locks are removed so other collaborators can efficiently edit shared content when needed.
  • Enhanced sharing permissions: Workspace owners can provide expanded responsibilities to collaborators to become co-managers, distributing the day-to-day management of workspaces and providing more defined roles to other users: manager, editor, or viewer.
  • Performance tuned: Up to 2x faster sync and share.

Druva inSync and MobileIron AppConnect Partnership

  • Easier administration and deployment of inSync:IT admins can now provision the inSync mobile app on endpoint devices quickly with auto-configuration of inSync Master parameters to simplify the end-user experience.
  • Enhanced security for endpoint devices: PIN and encryption of data, enabling or disabling copy, paste, and print functionality, restricting open-in with whitelisting functionality to other apps, and de-provisioning of the inSync mobile app.
For additional information about the inSync 5.4.1 release, see Release Details.

inSync 5.4 Highlights

inSync 5.4 greatly simplifies the process of identifying endpoint content and custodians, placing legal holds on relevant data, and ingesting data into eDiscovery systems. 5.4 also provides flexible OS migration workflows and enables group file sharing with managed workspaces.


Enhanced governance for litigation readiness

  • Legal admin roles enable you to provide privileges and access for your legal team to manage legal holds and review custodian data on endpoints.
  • Legal hold enables legal admins to initiate, release and manage legal holds on groups of custodians.
  • Direct WebDAV access facilitates ingestion of held data into ediscovery software through a file system connector.
  • Audit trails give you complete details on all activities pertaining to legal holds including policy management, account management, and data access.

Flexible OS migration or device refresh for admin control or end-user self-service

  • OS migration, device refresh with integrated mass deployment tools permit you to automatically migrate user data and settings to an existing device or a new device.
  • Self-service options enables end-users to migrate data and settings at their convenience, with no IT involvement, saving time and effort.
  • Wizard-based interface simplifies the migration and refresh process for your end-users via a step-by-step workflow.

Enterprise-ready file-sharing for IT-managed collaboration

  • Managed workspaces allow you to create IT-managed folders for assignment to defined groups (Finance, HR, Marketing) and delegated owners as required for ownership changes.
  • Share groups enable you to map AD groups, company departments, or project teams to groups in inSync for easy management of workspace members.
  • Accelerated sync provides faster data transfers and ensures the most up-to-date files are on employees’ synced devices.
  • Accessibility enhancements allow users to customize inSync share folder location and usability enhancements provide a more intuitive link sharing experience.
  • Enhanced inSync mobile apps deliver faster performance and easier navigation for your end-users to access and share files on the go.
For additional information about the release, see Release Details.
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