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Update the CPU priority

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You can configure the CPU priority and processing power that the inSync Client can use during backups. We recommend that you set CPU priority to an optimal value. Assigning a higher CPU priority may affect the performance of other applications on your laptop. Assigning a lower CPU priority might increase the time required for backup.  We recommend that you set the CPU priority to normal for inSync backups.

If your administrator does not allow you to update the CPU priority for your inSync Client, then the CPU priority that is configured by your administrator appears in read-only mode.
update backup interval.png


To update the CPU priority

  1. Start the inSync Client.
  2. On the navigation pane, click Settings.
  3. Under the General tab, move the CPU Priority slider to set the priority that you want to assign to the inSync Client on your laptop.
    The set CPU Priority is mapped to its corresponding value as given below:
    Low - 1
    Normal - 5
    High - 8
Note: The first backup is a full backup and requires the most processing power. All subsequent backups are incremental and require low processing power. We recommend that for a full backup, you select high CPU priority. Thereafter, change the CPU priority to normal.