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About the inSync Client interface

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Activate backup_RN.png

The following table lists the UI elements on the inSync Client interface.

User Interface Element Description
Backup & Restore page
  • View the last backup details of the inSync Client and the next backup schedule. For more information, see View last backup details.
  • View folders or email clients for which the inSync Client backs up data. You can also configure folders or include email clients for backup if your administrator grants the required permissions. For more information on how to configure folders for backup, see Configure folders for backup. For more information on how to include email clients for backup, see Include email clients for backup.
  • View the sync and share status.
  • Manually start backups at any time or cancel a backup in progress. For more information, see Start and cancel backup.
  • Pause the inSync Client backup for an hour, a day, or till the next backup schedule. For more information, see Pause and resume backup.
  • Resolve misconfigured backup folders, if any, displayed on this page. For more information on misconfigured backup folders, see inSync Client FAQs.

Sync & Share page

Settings page
My Account page
Druva Mobile App icons
  • When you click this icon, the location from where you can download the Druva Mobile App for your mobile device appears.

inSync system tray icons

Icon Description

Windows Mac Description
normal-logo.png druva-logo-black@1x.png Backup completed successfully. 
window-restore.png mac_druva_restore.png Data  backup is in progress
pause.png pause.png inSync is paused.
inactive-logo.png druva-logo-grey@1x.png There was an authentication error or backup was interrupted.
error.png mac_druvaa_warning.png Device not backed up.
Note: The inSync system tray icon is not displayed on the Unity desktop of Ubuntu Linux.
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