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Release Notes for inSync Client v6.8.0

inSync Client v6.8.0 update on Nov 19, 2020  

Support for macOS Big Sur with inSync Client 6.8.0

Now experience seamless endpoint data protection for macOS Big Sur. Druva has qualified and certified the inSync Client v6.8.0 on macOS Big Sur 11.0.

Contact your inSync administrator to learn more.

inSync Client v6.8.0 for inSync Cloud

Committed to delivering an enhanced product experience, we are happy to announce the availability of inSync Client v6.8.0 for inSync Cloud. 

The following feature is available with this release, dated October 21, 2020:


Enhancements to remote device replacement

If you are working in a remote location and you are issued with a replacement device, be rest assured about the incremental data that is generated on your existing device. 

Enhancements to the device replacement workflow ensure that you get the most recent data from your old device onto your new device.

Contact your inSync administrator to learn more.

Upgrade to inSync Client v6.8.0 on macOS is supported only from inSync Client v6.5.x.  If your device is running on inSync Client version older than v6.5.0 on macOS, please upgrade to inSync Client v6.5.x. See Upgrade the inSync Client for upgrade steps.

Revision information

Product Revision
inSync Client

Windows: r110000

Mac: r110000

Druva has not released a new version of inSync Client for Linux OS with inSync Client v6.8.0. You can continue using inSync Client v5.9 for Linux with inSync Cloud.

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