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Release Notes for inSync Client v6.7.0

Restore data from Shared Data Sources 

You can now restore the device data of preserved users if your administrator provides you with the required permission. The shared data sources can be restored from {{insyncweb}} to the configured devices.

Here is a glimpse


inSync Client Patch Update v6.7.1 for Windows OS

A patch update is released on Sept 18, 2020, to address the following issue:

Fixed Issue

Issue Description
INS-12850 inSync Client v6.7.0 activation failed when trying to establish a connection with inSync Cloud using Kerberos-based proxy authentication.

 Revision Information

Product Revision
inSync Client

Windows: r108801

Download the latest inSync Client here.

inSync Client v6.7.0 for inSync Cloud

Committed to delivering an enhanced product experience, we are happy to announce the availability of inSync Client v6.7.0 for inSync Cloud.

Upgrade to inSync Client v6.7.0 on macOS is supported only from inSync Client v6.5.x.  If your device is running on inSync Client version older than v6.5.0 on macOS, please upgrade to inSync Client v6.5.x. See Upgrade the inSync Client for upgrade steps.

The following features are available with this release, dated August 12, 2020:


Enhanced Restore UI for increased visibility and actionable insights

The new inSync restore UI now provides additional details about the restore progress, time elapsed, and incomplete or failed restore responses. Such actionable insights help you to quickly understand and address simple issues with minimal involvement of inSync administrators.


Capability to define MIME types

We have introduced the option to backup data based on file MIME types to ensure that you do not miss out on backing up critical data. 

If your inSync administrator has defined file inclusions using MIME types for backup and provided you permissions to add folders for backup, you can now configure additional folders for backup using file MIME types. 

MIME settings.png

To learn more about defining MIME types, see Add folders.

Enhanced settings for inSync notifications

You can now select from a range of inSync notifications to get inSync notifications for all inSync activities or just the critical ones requiring your immediate attention.


To learn more about notifications, see Configure inSync notifications

Enhanced preferences to allow and restrict networks

You can now get precise control over allowing inSync backups only on preferred networks and restricting backups when you are connected through metered networks. Also, to ensure you get the required clarity, the enhanced inSync Client interface displays the network settings configured by your inSync administrator.


To learn more about network settings, see Allow and block specific networks.

Known Issue

If you are using inSync Client on macOS Catalina (10.15), you cannot complete the following actions using the keyboard shortcuts, if VoiceOver is in turned on mode: 

  • Add folders for backup in Backup & Restore tab

  • Select folders or sub-folders for restore on the inSync Restore window

  • Select inSync Share folder location in the Sync & Share tab

Revision information

Product Revision
inSync Client
  • Windows: r107661
  • macOS: r107661

Druva has not released a new version of inSync Client for Linux OS with inSync Client v6.7.0. You can continue using inSync Client v5.9 for Linux with inSync Cloud.

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