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Resolve Sync Error due to missing or moved inSync Share folder

inSync Client automatically syncs the content from the inSync Share folder by default when it starts on the device. It reconciles the updates made to the shared files and folders in this process. The client displays a Sync error when either sync or reconciliation with the inSync Share folder fails.  This occurs when the client fails to locate the inSync Share folder at its specified location. The folder may have got deleted accidentally or was moved without using inSync Client. 


The following error is displayed.


The Share Folder and  Selective Sync buttons are disabled when the error is displayed.

Error displayed on the Mac smart menu:


Error displayed on Windows system tray menu:



To resolve this error, click ChangeShareFolder.png (Change inSync Share folder) and specify the new location of the inSync Share folder.

If the new location does not have the inSync Share folder, inSync creates a new share folder and downloads all the data there. inSync displays the following message to allow the creation of the folder.


If the inSync Share folder is already present at the specified location, inSync automatically detects it and begins to sync and share the data.