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Release Notes for inSync Client v6.2.0

Patch update for inSync Client v6.2.0

To provide inSync Client users with seamless and uninterrupted experience, we have introduced the 6.2.0 Patch update over the inSync Client 6.2.0 for macOS. The following enhancements are available with this patch update released on April 27, 2019:

Support for macOS 10.14.4

inSync Client v6.2.0 supports the latest macOS Mojave version 10.14.4.

Support to capture minor OS versions

inSync Client 6.2.0 for Cloud now records the minor versions of the macOS installed on the user devices. This helps inSync administrators to know the exact operating system on the user devices and plan and push the inSync Client auto-upgrades accordingly.

This feature is currently available to inSync Client users backing up their data to inSync Cloud only.

What's new with inSync Client v6.2.0?

Druva is excited to announce the release of inSync Client v6.2.0 on March 30, 2019, and includes the following enhancements: 

Automatic proxy detection using DHCP
To provide quick, automatic, and central management of IP addresses within a network, many customers prefer to use DHCP as a protocol. With this release, inSync supports DHCP in addition to DNS for automatic proxy detection. inSync Client users can select DHCP while configuring the proxy settings on the inSync Client, which will then automatically detect the organization’s proxy settings and connect to inSync Cloud. To learn more, refer Configure Proxy Settings.

Request user permission for full disk access on macOS Mojave
To ensure complete file protection, inSync Client v6.2.0 prompts users for full-disk access permissions for backup on macOS Mojave (v10.14). This further reduces the risk associated with skipping files from protection due to lack of user permission. To learn more, refer Start and cancel Backup.

Fixed Issues 

Issue Descriptions
50102 When using proxy configuration to connect inSync Client with both, IPv4 and IPv6 networks, backups failed after switching from IPv6 to IPv4 network.
48981 After replacing a Mac device or upgrading the inSync Client on a Mac device, the device name changed temporarily in the inSync Management Console.
45340 inSync Client Settings screen appeared blank on macOS X 10.13.

Revision Information 

Product Revision
inSync Client
  • Windows: r81703
  • Mac: r83221

Druva has not released a new version of inSync Client for Linux OS with inSync v6.2.0. You can continue using inSync Client v5.9 for Linux with inSync Cloud.

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