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Release Notes for inSync Client v6.1.0

What's new in inSync Client v6.1.0?

Druva is excited to announce the release of the inSync Client v6.1.0.  Druva is committed to making inSync accessible to all individuals. This includes making the inSync Client navigable using the keyboard and adding support for assistive technology like screen readers. Beginning with inSync Client v6.1.0, Druva follows the internationally recognized standards in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to the extent possible.

Fixed issues 

Issue Description

inSync Client for Windows OS failed to launch and displayed a Java Exception error when it was installed by a standard user, whose username contained a Unicode character. 

47627 Inconsistency with the inSync Client application name on the inSync Client UI.

The About inSync window displayed an incorrect version of inSync Client.

48215 inSync Client v6.0.1 did not launch as expected as inSync.exe failed to read the Unicode registry keys.
47679 Backups failed with inSync Client running on Windows OS with the Creators Update 1803, wherein if the user has configured OneDrive or Sharepoint mapped folders for backup.

Revision Information

Product Revision
inSync Client
  • Windows: r69845
  • Mac: r69845

Druva has not released a new version of inSync Client for Linux OS with inSync v6.1.0. You can continue using inSync Client v5.9 for Linux with inSync Cloud.

inSync Cloud features 

To know more about the inSync Cloud updates and other enhancements available with this release, see inSync Cloud Updates.

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