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Restore data using the inSync Client


You can restore data using the inSync Client. Your inSync administrator can make it mandatory for you to provide your inSync account credentials if you use this option. In this scenario, the Druva inSync Restore window is displayed, where you must provide your inSync account credentials.

Note: If you change the language for the inSync Web interface or the Restore Backup Data window, the content within the Restore Backup Data window appears in the appropriate language. However, the file names and the folder names are not translated.


To restore data

  1. Start the inSync Client.
  2. On the Backup & Restore page, click Restore.
    backup complete.png
    If your administrator has made it mandatory for you to provide your inSync account credentials, the Druva inSync Restore window appears.
    1. Type your username and password for your inSync account.
    2. Click Login. The Restore window appears.
      restore window new.png
  3. On the Restore window, click the device and then select the snapshot from which you want to restore data.  
    restore window_snapshots.png
  4. Browse and select the folders that you want to restore and then click Restore.
    You can also search for the data that you want to restore. 

    During search:









    • To stop the search operation, click Stop Search.
    • To reset the search and return to the snapshot view, click 2018-04-05.jpg.
    stop search in restore window.png
  5. Provide the appropriate information for each field.
    Field Action


    No action required. This field displays the total number of files and folders and the size of the data that you want to restore.

    To Device

    Click the device to which you want to restore the data.

    You cannot restore data to your mobile device or from your mobile device to your laptop. When you perform a restore operation, the mobile devices that are added to your inSync account do not appear in the To Device list.


    To restore the data to the device's desktop, click Desktop.

    The inSync Client restores the data on the desktop in the following format:

    Wed Mar 11 12-15-39 2015\{{My Documents}}\07_Oct_2014

    Where Wed Mar 11 is the date of the restore, 12-15-39 is the time of the restore, 2015 is the year of the restore, My Documents in the folder configured for backup, 07_Oct_2014 is the snapshot that you restored from the storage.

    If you want to restore the data to the folder from which it was backed up, click Original Location. This option is available only when you are restoring data to the device from which it was backed up.

    If you want to restore data to a custom location, click Custom Location. The Specify Path text box appears.

    Specify path

    This text box appears only if you click Custom Location. Type the path to the folder where you want to restore the data.

  6. Click Confirm Restore. The data restore starts. A restore status bar appears at the bottom of the page. You can expand the tab to view the progress.