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inSync Client Upgrade Matrix for the Security upgrade


In line with the best security practices, the latest inSync Clients use TLS 1.1 or higher for communication. Taking a security-first approach, Druva has decided to end support for SSLv3 and TLS 1.0 on May 01, 2017.
If you are not using the latest version of inSync Client, you will have to upgrade as follows:

To upgrade to the latest version Druva supports and recommends a step upgrade for inSync Client versions depending on which version is installed.

  • If the inSync Client version is lower than 5.4.2, you have to first manually upgrade client to version 5.4.2, and then you have the option to auto-upgrade or manually upgrade to version 5.9. For 5.4.2 version download links of inSync Client, see Download Links
  • If the inSync Client version is 5.4.2 or higher,  you have the option to either auto-upgrade or manually upgrade the client to version 5.9. It is recommended you use auto upgrade for all versions 5.4.2 and later.

Note: Auto upgrade is not supported if you are using inSync Client versions 5.5 or earlier on El Capitan.

Upgrade Matrix at a glance

Use this upgrade matrix to determine if you require a step-upgrade or can directly upgrade to Client 5.9:

Operating System From versions To version Auto-upgrade Manual upgrade

5.1.1 onwards

5.4.2 onwards



red cross.png

green tick.png

green tick.png

green tick.png

Mac 5.4.2 onwards 5.9 green tick.png green tick.png
Linux 5.5 5.9 red cross.png green tick.png

To upgrade inSync AD/LDAP connector see, Install or upgrade inSync AD/LDAP Connector.

To upgrade inSync CloudCache Server see, Upgrade inSync CloudCache Server.