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End User Quick Start Guide (WIP)

inSync Client


inSync is an enterprise-level data backup and sharing solution. inSync includes the following components:

  • An inSync Server on which data is backed up from various endpoints such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • An inSync Client for computers, inSync App for smartphones and tablets installed on the endpoints from where the data is backed up.

In the event of a device or data loss, you can restore or download data from the inSync Server.

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inSync Client device


The inSync Client is automatically installed in the locale that is set on the user device. For example, if your device is in the Japanese locale, the inSync Client is automatically installed in the Japanese language. However, if the device locale is not in the list of languages that the inSync Client supports, the inSync Client is installed in English. 

Ensure that you have received the inSync account activation email and have it handy.

  1. Download and run the installer.  
  2. To install:
    1. Select the language. 
    2. Accept the EULA.
    3. Select the destination folder.
  3. To activate:
    1. Double-click the inSync icon.
    2. Select your inSync edition from the list.
    3. Enter your credentials. 
    4. Click Activate.
    5. If required, configure proxy server settings.
    6. Change password.

For detailed documentation about installing and activating inSync Client on Windows, Mac, Linux, see Install and activate the inSync Client.


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