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Accept workspace invitations


The cloud administrator creates a workspace and also appoints a manager for the workspace. The manager can add collaborators, assign view or edit permissions to collaborators, and delete collaborators. Collaborators with edit permissions can also add or delete collaborators. However, they cannot delete managers.

If your administrator appointed you as the manager or as a collaborator to a workspace, you should have received an invitation email. Workspace_invite.PNG

To ensure that you can access the workspace via inSync Web, click View Workspace On Web. To ensure that the workspace is synchronized with your devices, click Sync Workspace To My Devices within the email. When you synchronize a workspace across your devices, that folder appears in the inSync Share folder across all devices.

Note: The workspace size is specified in the workspace invitation email. If the workspace is large in size, you can judiciously decide whether to synchronize the workspace to your device.
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