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Guest sharing

About guest sharing

As inSync Share users, you can share data with guest users. Guest users are individuals with whom you need to collaborate with and share data for a temporary duration. These users can be people within or outside your organization. Only an inSync Server administrator can provide inSync Share users the permission to share data with guest users.

A guest user can have any of the following accounts:

  • inSync users of one organization can be guest users of some other organization.
  • Guest user of one organization can be an inSync user of other organization.
  • Guest user of one organization can be a guest user of other organization.

To access a guest account, you must log on by using inSync Web only. However, if you are an inSync user, you can access the shared folder by logging on to inSync Web or by accessing inSync Web from inSync Client.

Tasks that a guest user can perform

Guest users can log on to inSync Web to access, download, or update files and folders that are shared with them. Following are the permissions available for guest users:

Permission Tasks that the guest user can perform
Guest user with View permissions Guest user can only download the shared files and folders.
Guest user with Edit permissions

Guest user can perform the following tasks:

  • Upload files
  • Create folders
  • Delete files from shared folder

Guest users cannot perform the following tasks:

Install inSync Client and inSync mobile app and use it for data backup or share. Sync shared folders with their devices. Leave a shared folder.

Guest user licenses

By default, inSync provides 50 guest user licenses with the inSync Share license. Guest user licenses are allotted to your organization and are shared by all your users. The guest user licenses are used when you share files or folders with users who do not have an inSync Share account for your organization. Each guest user consumes one guest license. If you need more guest user licenses, send an email to

How to create a guest account?

As an inSync user, you can create a guest account to provide temporary access to your shared data.


The inSync Server administrator must enable guest sharing for the profile that you are associated to. For more information about how inSync Server administrators can enable guest sharing for a profile, see Manage guest users.


To create a guest account,

  1. Open inSync Web. The inSync Share page appears.
  2. In the All Content tab, click the row of the folder for which you want to update the collaborator permission, and then click the Share icon and then click Manage Collaborators. The Manage Collaborator window appears.

manage  collaborators dropdown menu.png

  1. In the Manage Collaborator window, enter the email address of the user that you want to add as a guest, and then click Add.
  2. In the confirmation dialog box that appears, click Yes.
  3. From the list of users that are displayed in the Manage Collaborators window, select the guest user that you added and assign View or Edit permissions to the account.
  4. Click Done.

Guest account login policies

The following policies are applicable for guest accounts:

  • inSync treats a managed inSync user and a guest user as separate accounts. Therefore, if you have both an inSync user account and a guest account, then you can have the same or different login credentials.

    The following scenarios can occur when you log on to inSync Web:

    • Same password for both managed inSync account and guest account

      In this case, inSync prompts you to choose the account that you want to access. Based on your selection, inSync displays the data for that account.

    • Different password for managed inSync account and guest account

      In this case, inSync navigates to the account for which the password matches. You can then access the data for that account.

  • If you are a guest user who is associated with multiple organizations, then you can use the same password to access shared data of different organizations. Once you are logged on to inSync Web, you can simply switch between different guest accounts to access the respective shared data.

  • If you are an inSync user of one organization and a guest user of other organization, you cannot switch between the guest account and the managed inSync account from inSync Web. You must enter the login credentials for the specific account separately.

  • By default, if you are associated with multiple guest accounts, then inSync Web navigates to the latest guest account that you were added to. 

Login scenarios

See the following scenarios for more information about how inSync handles different guest accounts combinations:

What happens when a new user on inSync Cloud is added as guest user?

An inSync user for one organization can be added as a guest user for other organization.

Once the guest user is added to inSync, the user receives an invitation email, which contains the guest user login credentials and the link to the shared folder. To activate the guest account, the user must click the View Shared Folder link and log on by using the login credentials specified in the invitation email. 

Upon first time login, the guest user is required to change the password and then again log on to access the guest account.


 Reset or change the guest user password

If the guest user has forgotten the password, then the user must request the inSync administrator to reset the password. This allows the guest user to set a new password without providing the old password.

If the guest user wants to update the password by providing the old password, then the guest user must change the password.

How to reset the password of guest account?

Only the inSync administrator can reset the password of the guest account from the inSync Management Console. For more information, see Manage guest users.

To request for a password reset, the guest user must perform the following steps:

  1. Open the auto-generated invitation email that you received. The email contains a link to request for a new password. This email is received when another folder is shared with the guest user, either from the same organization or from other organization.

  2. Click Request New Password
    The following pop-up is displayed. 
    request password.png
How to change the password of guest account?

To change the password,

  1. Log on to inSync Web as a guest user.
  2. From the upper right-hand side of inSync Web, click My Account. The Account Information dialog box appears. 


  3. Click Change Password. The Change Password dialog box appears.
  4. Provide the following information:
    • In the Old password field, enter the current password.
    • In the Enter new password field, enter the new password.
    • In the Confirm new password field, reenter the new password.
  5. Click Change Password.

The password for the guest account is updated.

Account deletion policy

The following scenarios provide information about how inSync handles guest account deletion and inSync account deletion, and the impact on shared data.

What happens when a guest account is deleted?

inSync administrator can delete the guest user from the inSync Master Management Console. For more information, see Manage guest users.

What happens when inSync user account is deleted?

The inSync administrator can delete the inSync user account. For more information, see Disable, enable, and delete users.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if the guest user does not access the shared folder?

If the guest user does not access the shared folder, then the user cannot view the shared data till the activation is completed. Additionally, inSync Web displays the following message:


What happens if the guest user does not receive the invitation email?

If the guest user does not receive the auto-generated email, the inSync user must perform the following steps:

Remove the guest user from the shared folder. For more information, see Remove collaborators from a shared folder. Add the guest user for the shared folder. For more information, see How to create a guest account?

The guest user will receive an auto-generated invitation email. However, the login credentials will not be included in the email. Therefore, the guest user must click Request New Password so that the inSync administrator can reset the password for the guest user.