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Simultaneously edit a file with multiple collaborators


inSync Share users who have access to a shared folder or workspace can collaborate and work on a single file. To edit a file that is shared with multiple users, you must first lock the file. This ensures that the share users do not edit the same file simultaneously to prevent file conflicts.

After you edit the file, you must sync the changes and then unlock the file to make it available to all the share users. 

For more information, see Lock or unlock a file.

What happens when multiple users edit a file simultaneously

If multiple share users change the same file simultaneously without locking the file, only those changes that get synced first are saved in the original file. All other changes will get saved as a second version of the same file, with a conflict tag appended to the file name in the <filename>(conflict).extension format. This ensures that all the changes are saved and the original file is not overwritten.

The user whose file changes got saved as the conflict copy must manually resolve the conflict file. To resolve this issue, that user must lock the file to be edited, make the changes, and then unlock the file.

Collaborators with edit or manage permissions to the share folder can resolve any conflict file. However, we recommend that the user, whose changes are saved as a conflict file, resolves the conflict file as soon as possible. After resolving the conflict file, that user should delete the conflict file to clean up the share folder.

Note: When a conflict file is created, inSync Share treats the file as a new file.  All collaborators receive a notification informing them that a new file is added in the folder.