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Restore deleted content


You can restore files or folders that you deleted from the inSync Share folder of your laptop or from the inSync Share page on inSync Web. You cannot restore files that you permanently deleted.


To restore deleted files and folders

  1. Open inSync Web. The inSync Share page appears.
  2. In the All Contents tab, click the Show deleted files icon. The deleted files and folders appear.
  3. Select the file or folder that you want to restore.
    If you want to select multiple files or folders, click the check box before a file or folder name to select that file or folder.
  4. Click Restore. The selected files and folders are restored.

    restore option in all content.png

Note: The default duration to retain files and folders deleted from inSync Share folder is 90 days from the date of deletion, after which they are purged. However, inSync administrator can set this duration between 1 to 365 days. You are advised to check with your inSync administrator about the duration set in your environment. This will decide up to how many days you can restore the deleted files and folders.