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Start and cancel backup


The inSync Client automatically backs up data from your laptop at regular intervals. You can manually start a backup at any time or cancel a backup in progress.

For inSync Client v5.9.9 installed on macOS Mojave:
inSync requires user permission to back up the data from the following locations if configured for backup. Select OK to allow inSync to access these locations:

  • Location Services

  • Contacts

  • Calendars

  • Reminders

  • Photos

If inSync Client users do not take any action on the prompts, inSync will pause the ongoing backup and it will remain in that state until the user takes an action.

 Start a backup from inSync Client

You can start a backup in either of the following ways:

  • Start Backup from the system tray of your laptop
  • Start Backup from inSync Client

Start backup from the system tray of your laptop

From the system tray of your laptop, right-click the inSync icon to start the backup operation.


Start backup from inSync Client

To start a backup

  1. Start the inSync Client.
  2. On the navigation pane, select Backup & Restore.
  3. In the right pane, click Backup.
    The Initializing Backup bar appears. The inSync Client prepares itself for backup.
    Start backup from inSync Client.PNG

    After the initialization stage is complete, the Backup In Progress bar appears. inSync Client estimates and displays the total number of files and data size for backup and uploads the data to the storage. In case of an error while aggregating the backup statistics, the file count and size is displayed as '0'.

  4. After the inSync backup operation is complete, you can view the last successful backup and next scheduled backup information.

Note: inSync does not back up misconfigured backup folders (displayed as MBFolder.png and MBMail.png). To resume backups from misconfigured backup folders, see inSync Client FAQs.

Cancel a backup in progress

To cancel a backup when the backup is in progress

  1. Start the inSync Client.
  2. Select the Backup & Restore tab, and click the cancel (cancel icon_new.PNG) icon.
    cancel backup in progress.PNG
  3. Click Yes on the prompt window.