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Activate the inSync client on your first laptop

Before you begin

Before you activate the inSync client on your first laptop, ensure the following:

  • You are logged on to your laptop using your own credentials.
  • You have received the inSync account activation email and have it handy.
  • You have confirmed with your inSync administrator about the credentials that you will use to activate the inSync client. You can activate the inSync client using your inSync account credentials, your single sign-on credentials, or your Active Directory credentials.
    Note: If you are using Single Sign-On (SSO) or Active Directory (AD) for login, you can log in to inSync Client and Web, only when the connection to inSync Master is secured using a Signed SSL/TLS Certificate. For more information, contact your inSync administrator.
  • You have installed the inSync client on your laptop.
  • You have the proxy server details. You require proxy server details only if the inSync client has to contact the inSync Server through a proxy server.


To activate the inSync client on your first laptop

  1. Double-click inSync icon. The Activate Druva inSync window appears. 
    activate inSync client screen.png
  2. Provide the appropriate information for each field.
    Field Action
    Enter Server Address

    Type the server URL received in the inSync account activation email.

     If you are using inSync Client v5.9.6 and earlier, select On-premise from the drop-down box.


    Type the email address for your inSync account.


    Type the password for your inSync account.

    If you are using single sign-on credentials for your inSync account, keep the Password box empty. After you click Activate, a window appears. Type your single sign-on password in that window.

  3. Click Activate.
    • The Reset Druva inSync Password window appears. Proceed to step 4 to enter your new password.
    • If you are using your single sign-on credentials to activate, enter your single sign-on password on the window displayed after you click Activate.
    • If the inSync client must contact the inSync Server through a proxy server, a window requesting the proxy server details appears after you click Activate. To configure proxy settings, see Configure proxy settings during inSync activation
  4. In the New password box, type a new password for your inSync account.
  5. In the Confirm password box, type the password for your inSync account again.
  6. Click Continue.

macOS Mojave may display an authorization prompt when inSync Client tries to access the configured locations for backup. Click OK to allow inSync to backup the data. To learn more, refer inSync Client changes for macOS Mojave (version 10.14).