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Release notes for inSync Cloud 5.9

inSync Cloud Updates

Druva provides regular Cloud updates. For details about features, changes, and fixes rolled out in the Cloud updates, see inSync Cloud Updates Details.

What's new in 5.9?

Druva is excited to announce the release of inSync 5.9. With a strong focus on ease of deployment and an enhanced user experience, we have added the following features to the 5.9 release:

inSync Server 5.9 updates:

inSync Client 5.9 updates:

To upgrade inSync Client on end-user devices, see Upgrade inSync Client on user device.

LDAP integration

inSync now supports directory services using LDAP protocol. With LDAP integration, inSync administrators can use a filter query to directly import users and user information into inSync.

Certificate Pinning

In this release, we have implemented client side certificate pinning, enabling inSync client to default to a limited set of trusted root certificates. For more information see, Parameter details.

Mass Deployment for non AD environment

inSync Administrators can now maintain a map of user-email, logged on user, and device identifiers on server,  and inSync client will validate incoming activation requests using this mapping. This ensures that only those devices that the administrator has mapped to inSync users on server will get activated. In addition, administrators will no longer have to create custom scripts to mass deploy inSync in non AD environments. For more information see,  Integrate device management for non-AD/LDAP users.

Mass deployment mechanism for OS X platform

inSync 5.9 makes it easier for administrators to mass deploy inSync to Mac clients by negating the need to create custom files and scripts. For more information see, Install inSync on Mac devices.

Device Replacement for Remote users

Administrators can now prepare laptops with persona settings and user data before shipping the devices to remote users. For more information see, Device Replace using Integrated Mass Deployment.

‘All Drives’ Folder Name customization

The folder display name for ‘All Drives’ can be customized by administrators to a more relevant name to accurately reflect the filters defined in the ‘All Drives’ share for a user profile. For example, if only doc files are to be included in the filter, you can rename ‘All Drives’ as ‘All Docs’. 

Users defined black-out window

We have now provided an option for administrators to let end users define a black-out window at a device level when backup should not happen. This way, end users can make sure backups do not start during any critical periods, such as presentations. For more information see, Define the backup interval and the schedule for devices.

Global Path Exclusions enhancement

Global Path exclusion now works for user configured folders as well as for the full paths defined by the administrator or the end user. For more information see, Add folders.

UI Changes

For an enhanced user experience, Data Privacy option has moved from Settings to My Account section of InSync Client.

Other updates

  • When inSync administrator removes a device from the device list, inSync Client on the device will appear as disabled. For more information, see Disable, enable, or delete a user device.
  • inSync Client 5.9 updates:
    • User data privacy setting will now appear under My Account on inSync Client.
    • inSync client binaries will be SHA2 signed, instead of SHA1. As a result, inSync client will not be able to validate signatures on Windows Vista and earlier operating systems.
    • OpenSSL library has been updated to version 1.0.1t.

Patch Update

Patch update is released to address various issues related to the product. Following table lists the issues that were fixed as part of patch update:

Fixed issue Released on Description

This patch is available for the following issues:

39615, 39609, 39607, 39515, 39640, 39857, 35123, 33287, 30754, 29292     

 January 07, 2017

While using inSync Client in German, French or Japanese locale, certain text on various screens would be misaligned or cut-off. The impacted screens were:

  •  inSync Client Settings (German, French)
  • Restore Device settings while adding a new device (German)
  • inSync Client activation window (German, Japanese)
  • Restore completion status while adding a new device (French)
  • Proxy Settings while activating  Client (Japanese)
  • Password Reset (French, Japanese)


Deprecated Features

There is no deprecated feature in inSync 5.9.

Known issues and workarounds

Issues Description


When you hover over an excluded folder on inSync Clients running on Linux, a blank tool tip is displayed instead of the text that indicates that the folder is excluded. 

Workaround: Change the desktop theme and then reopen the inSync Client window.

Fixed Issues  

Issue Description
37210 In Mac, restore from Documents folder to the original location would fail.
35949 On Mac, the modified time for some file types with extended permissions could not be restored.
34258 Backup interrupted due to network failure does not resume when network is restored. 
31688 Incorrect snapshot time would be displayed for some devices when daylight saving was enabled.
31245 inSync keeps trying to encrypt files when encryption is failing even after encryption is disabled
38694 Druva now provides a disclaimer while performing restore during device replace, which indicates that the data on the new device will be overwritten.
36943 On Mac, when you copy a link from inSync Client and paste it in Apple Client mail, the link gets pasted as a junk .vcf contact.
36484 inSync prevents Mac devices from switching between graphics cards.

Revision Information  

Product Revision
inSync Client
  • Windows: r48950
  • Mac: r48948
  • Linux: r48951
inSync AD/LDAP Connector
  • Windows: r47343
inSync CloudCache Server
  • Windows: r47343

Upgrade to inSync Client 5.9

For details about the download link to the latest version of inSync Client, and upgrade information, see Upgrade inSync Client on user device

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