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List of inSync Client notifications


The following table lists the notifications that appear on the desktop every time inSync client performs any operation on the user 's desktop or laptop. The notifications are displayed only when the inSync administrator has enabled  inSync notifications.

Notification Description
Backup started Specifies that inSync client has started performing backup operation on the device. If the backup has started on network with 24 bit subnet mask or more, then the inSync administrator can block the network from backing up data.
Insufficient Storage Specifies that either the user quota is full, or the server storage space is full.
Authentication Error Specifies that the device cannot be authenticated with inSync Server. This notification is displayed when the device is deleted or decommissioned, or when the user/device is disabled from inSync.
Configuration Error Specifies that the device's operating system does not trust inSync Server's security certificate. This notification is displayed when the client certificate is invalid during backup activity, or when you trigger the backup of a user's data and immediately migrate the storage of that user.
Backup Incomplete Specifies that the backup had started but failed because of operating system's internal errors. For example, Microsoft VSS error.
Backup Interrupted

Specifies that the backup operation was interrupted. This notification is displayed in any of the following situations:

  • Low network bandwidth is detected.
  • The inSync Server is unreachable.
  • Backup is disabled on the device's network connection.
  • The inSync Server is busy in executing existing requests.
  • Backup is triggered before the storage is created and marked as healthy.
  • Backup is disabled on the network with 24 bit subnet mask or more.
Backup Canceled Specifies that a running backup operation was canceled either by the inSync user or the inSync administrator. 
Device Not Backed Up Specifies that the device is not backed up for at least 7 consecutive days.
Backup Completed Specifies that the backup is completed.
No Folders To Backup Specifies that there were no folders configured when the last backup was triggered.


To enable notifications, see Enable inSync notifications. To disable notifications, see Disable inSync notifications.