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About the inSync Web interface

About the inSync Web

You can use the inSync Web interface for restoring and sharing data. The inSync Web contains three areas, inSync Share, Devices, My Accounts.

In theinSync Share area, you can view the content in your share folder and content that others have shared with you. In the Devices area, you can view your backup data and the snapshots. In the My Accounts area, you can view the details of your inSync account and backup and quota.

inSync Share area

The following table lists the description of the inSync Share area.

Area Description
  • All Content: Content in your inSync Share folder.
  • Shared Content: Content that you share with others or others share with you. For more information see, Work with inSync Share content.
  • Workspaces: Folders that your inSync administrator created to share content with different people who have the permissions. For more information, see Work with workspaces.
  • Links: Content that you share with others using shared links. For more information, see Share links with others.
  • Updates: Your activities in the inSync Share page. For more information, see View inSync Share activities.
  • Help: Access to Online Help for the inSync client.
  • EN: Language preference of the inSync Web interface. In addition to English, which is the default language, inSync Web is also available in Japanese, German, and French. For more information, see About language support for inSync Web.
  • Logout: Logout of inSync Web.
3 Search for inSync Share content within a specific inSync Share folder or workspace.

Devices area

The following table lists the description of the Devices area.

Area Description

View and access the devices linked to your inSync account. You can link multiple laptops or mobile devices to your inSync account.

2 View and access the snapshot from which you want to restore data. The snapshots retained in a storage depends on the number of backups completed and the retention policy followed by your organization.
3 View the configured folders that are backed up by the inSync client. When you click on the folder name, you can view the content of the backed up folder.
5 Search for a file or folder within a specific device.

My Accounts area

The following table lists the description of the My Account area.

Area Description
Account Information View your inSync account information. You can update the password for your inSync account. For more information, see Update your inSync account password.
Quota Summary View the maximum data you can back up or share.
  • Backup Data: Total data that inSync has backed up from all devices.
  • Share Data: Total data in the inSync share folder.
  • Quota Usage: The percentage of quota utilized by the user.
  • Quota: The maximum amount of data the user can back up or share on the inSync server from all the devices.
Linked Devices and Backup Summary View the devices that are linked to your inSync account and the backup summary for these devices.