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Navigation Changes


With the inSync 5.6 release, inSync Client  provides a re-designed user interface to enable you to configure and manage inSync Client seamlessly. With this new and improved navigation, commonly used and inter-related activities are grouped together. inSync Client also provides you with enhanced information on backup and restore related activities.

Here is a quick comparison of what has changed in inSync Client from the inSync 5.5 release to the inSync 5.6 release.

inSync Client activation page


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New dropdown menu to select the appropriate inSync edition.

inSync Client Navigation pane


New navigation pane with combined actions and activities for Backup & Restore, Sync & Share, managing inSync Client settings and your inSync account.

Following table lists the sets of activities for every menu on the navigation pane

Menu Description
Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore menu provides you the ability to configure and monitor inSync Backup and Restore related activities on inSync Client.

For more information, see

Sync & Share

The Sync & Share menu provides you the ability to use inSync Share and sync your data with inSync Client.

​For more information, see Share and sync data using the inSync client.


Settings menu provides you the ability to configure the following

My Account My Account provides you information about your inSync account, number of linked devices, usage summary, and ability to update your inSync password.
inSync Backup Details window  


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inSync Client 5.6 is enhanced to show you additional information about your backups.

  • Displays approximate size of the directory, configured by you or the inSync administrator.
  • Enhanced user interface for viewing Last Backup Details.

For more information, see View last backup details.


inSync Client proxy configuration

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  • Proxy configuration in inSync Client 5.6 is moved under a new tab Settings > Network, to align it with other network related configurations.
  • New proxy configuration to automatically detect proxy settings is also now available. For more information, see Automatically detect settings.
inSync Client Sync and Share configuration

New Sync & Share menu that provides the following capabilities: 

​For more information, see Share and sync data using the inSync client.


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