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    inSync Share is a platform for sharing and collaborating content with others. To use inSync Share for sharing data with inSync users, you must log on to inSync Web. The inSync Web URL and login credentials are contained in an automated email that you should have received. For ease of use, bookmark the inSync Web URL and remember the inSync Web login credentials. After you log on to inSync Web, the inSync Share page is displayed. The inSync Share page displays a list of files and folders that you shared. It also lists files and folders that others shared with you. The Shared Content table lists the folders that are shared with you, the inSync users who shared the folders, and other collaborators to the folders. The Updates table displays share activity updates of the inSync users who shared folders, as well as collaborators to shared folders.
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      Quickly learn how to use inSync to backup data from your devices and restore them when required. For detailed instructions, refer to the User Guide.

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