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Troubleshoot inSync Share

Time lag for Share tasks

Issue: Time lag while performing Share tasks on the inSync Web

You might observe a time lag of 20 seconds or more while performing Share tasks on the inSync Web. This issue can occur when there are multiple IP addresses configured for the inSync Master. In this scenario, by default, the inSync Web service attempts to connect to the first IP address. When the first IP address of the inSync Master is unreachable, the connection to the first IP address fails only after a connection timeout of 20 seconds. The inSync Web service then attempts to connect to the next IP address, and then the connection is established.

The following list provides examples of Share tasks for which you might observe a time lag:

  • Create a share link and then access the link from a third-party application
  • Create a Share folder

To resolve the time lag issue, you must contact your inSync Administrator.


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