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Share a folder


Sharing a folder helps you collaborate with other people and share files or content. When you share a folder, you can assign either edit permissions or view permissions to each collaborator. People with edit rights can modify the contents of the folder, add or delete files, and add other collaborators. People with view rights can only view the contents of the folder.

Who you can share a folder with depends on the privileges that the inSync administrator has assigned to you. If you have the appropriate rights, you can share a folder with the following people:

  • inSync Share users in your organization.
  • inSync Share user groups in your organization. inSync Share user groups are created by inSync administrators.
  • Non inSync Share users within and outside your organization. These people are called guest users.

Before you begin

Before you share a folder with other users, ensure the following:

  • The folder is inside your inSync Share folder.
  • You are either the owner or a collaborator with edit privileges on that folder.


To share a folder

  1. Open inSync Web. The INSYNC SHARE page appears.
  2. In the All Contents table, click the row of the folder that you want to share.
  3. Click the Manage Collaborators icon. The Manage Collaborator window appears.


  4. In the Share with your collaborators box, enter the email addresses of the individuals or groups that you want to share the folder with.


  5. Click Add. The users and groups are added to the list of collaborators.
  6. If you want to assign Edit permission to your collaborators, in the list click Edit.
    If you want to assign View permission to your collaborators, in the list click View.


  7. Click Save.
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