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Replace a laptop linked with your inSync account


You can replace a laptop with another laptop that has the inSync client installed on it. After you replace a device, the inSync client backs up data from the new device.

If both laptops have the same operating system, you can restore the following data on the new laptop:

  • All backup data: You can restore data from the backup folders of the laptop you are replacing.
  • System and application settings: You can restore system and application settings from the laptop you are replacing.

Before you begin

Before you replace a laptop linked to your inSync account, ensure the following:

  • You have your inSync account activation email handy for the Server URL details.
  • You have the latest password for your inSync account.
  • You are logged on to your new laptop using your own credentials.
  • You have the proxy server details. You require proxy server details only if the inSync client has to contact the inSync Master through a proxy server.


To replace a laptop linked to your inSync account

  1. Install the inSync client. For more information, see Install the inSync client.
  2. Double-click inSync icon. The Activate Your inSync window appears.
  3. Provide the appropriate information for each field.
    Field Action
    Server URL Type the URL to access the inSync Master.
    Email Type the email address for your inSync account.
    Password Type the password for your inSync account.
  4. Click Activate. If the inSync client must contact the inSync Master through a proxy server, you are prompted to enter the proxy server details. For more information, see Configure proxy settings during activation.
  5. Click Replace my Existing Device, and then click Continue.


  6. In the Select device to replace box, click the laptop you want to replace.
  7. If you want to restore all backed up data, select the All backup data check box.
  8. If you want to restore system and application settings, select the System and application settings check box.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Restart your laptop after your data is restored.