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Downloading data using inSync Web


This topic explains how to download backed up files and folders to a device.

Downloading data

To download data

  1. On the navigation bar, click Restore.
  2. From the Devices list, select the device from which you want to restore data. List of snapshots from the device is displayed.
  3. From the Snapshots list, select the snapshot from which you want to restore data. Files and folders backed up with the snapshot are displayed.
  4. Browse and select the files and folders that you want to restore, and then click Download Now.

If you downloaded a file, it is saved with its original name and extension. Folders are saved as inSyncRestoreData_<time of restore>.zip on Windows and Linux computers, and inSyncRestoreData_<time of restore>.tar or inSyncRestoreData_<time of restore>.tar.gz on Mac computers.

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