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Accessing inSync Web


This topic explains how to access inSync Web.

Accessing inSync Web

There are two ways to access inSync Web:

  • Launch inSync Web from inSync client.
  • Open any browser and type the inSync Web URL

Launching inSync Web from inSync client

To launch inSync Web from inSync client:

  1. Open inSync client.
  2. On the Action bar, click Web.

inSync Web is launched on the default Web browser in your device. You will be automatically logged in.

Accessing inSync Web on any browser

To open inSync Web on a browser:

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Depending on the inSync edition your organization is using, enter one of the following URL:
    • For inSync Enterprise: https://<inSync Server URL>:<Web/App restore port>
    • For inSync Professional: https://<inSync Server URL>:<Web/App restore port>
    • For inSync Private Cloud: https://<inSync Server URL>:<Web/App restore port>/home
    • For inSync Cloud:
  3. Log in using your inSync account credentials
Note: Contact your inSync administrator to know the exact URL you should use to access inSync Web. Depending on your organization's policy you may use your inSync credentials, Active Directory credentials, or Single Sign-On credentials to log on to inSync Web.
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