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Understanding inSync


This topic introduces inSync and informs about the different interfaces that you will use to work in inSync.

What is inSync?

inSync is an enterprise level data backup and sharing solution. inSync includes the following components:

  • An inSync Server on which data is backed up from various endpoints such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Only the inSync administrators have access to the inSync server.
  • An inSync client component installed on the endpoints from where the data is backed up. As end-users of inSync you will work with the client component. 

In the event of a device or data loss, you can restore or download data from the inSync Server.

Interfaces to interact with inSync

As end-users of inSync, you will work exclusively with the client component of inSync. You can use the following interfaces to work in inSync.

Interface Interface Type Description
inSync Client Software Application

It is your primary interface to inSync from your computer.
Using inSync Client, you can:

  • Configure the files and folders that you want to backup from your computer.
  • Schedule the backup intervals.
  • Configure the resources to use during backup, and so on.
inSync Share Folder

It is your primary interface to the share functionality of inSync.
Any file kept in the inSync Share folder is available on all your devices that you configure with inSync.
Additionally, you can share your files with other inSync users in your organization and you can create view or download links for your files.

Note: The share functionality of inSync is available only if the inSync administrator has enabled it for you.
inSync Web Web Application It is a Web interface to access your inSync account for restoring and sharing data.
inSync App Mobile Application It is your primary interface to inSync from your smartphone or your tablet.
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