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Frequently asked questions


This topic contains answers to some of the frequently asked questions by inSync users.

FAQs on inSync Client

Where can I find inSync Client log files on my laptop?

The inSync administrator may request you send the inSync Client log files for troubleshooting. To access the log files, you must first open the inSync Client installation directory. For example, on Windows, the default installation directory is C:\inSync4.

The inSync Client log files are located in the following folder:


What does the orange badge on the inSync tray icon stand for?

The orange badge on your inSync tray icon indicates that your inSync Share folder is updated. Either an existing file has been modified, or a new file has been added.

FAQs on inSync Share

I have multiple devices. How do I share data among them?

You can share data among your devices by installing inSync client on all your devices and then syncing data in all the Share folders. The Share functionality is governed by your inSync administrator. Thus, do ensure if this functionality is enabled for you.

How frequently is data synced between my devices?

Sync starts the moment you place a document in your Share folder.

Can I stop syncing data between my devices?

No. We do not have the functionality of putting a pause on the inSync Share folder.

Can I limit the bandwidth used for syncing data between my devices?

No. We do not have the functionality of limiting the bandwidth for syncing data between devices.

Can I access my inSync Share folder through a Web browser?

Yes. However, do ensure your administrator has given you the permission to access inSync Share folder through a Web browser. To learn how to access inSync Web, see Accessing inSync Web.

How do I access content that is shared with me?

When someone adds you as a collaborator to their Share folder, inSync sends you an automated email with the details of the Share folder. The content in the Share folder is immediately available on the inSync Web. You can sync the folder to your laptop. To learn how to access content that is shared with you, see Accepting share invitations.

How do I upload files to my inSync Share folder?

There are two ways of uploading files to your inSync Share folder:

  • Copy the files or folders inside the inSync Share folder. Files and folders added to the inSync Share folder are synced across all your devices. 
  • Upload the files using inSync Web. You can also create a folder on the inSync Web.

To learn how to add files and folders to inSync Share, see Managing content in inSync Share.

Does the content in the inSync Share folder add to my quota?

Yes. Any content that you place in your Share folder adds to your quota. However, if someone has shared content with you, then that content does not add to your quota.

Will deleting data from my device also delete the shared content?

If you are the owner of the Share folder, then on deleting data from your device the Share content will also get deleted. 

Some files in my inSync Share folder have 'conflict' appended to their name. Why?

In the Share folder, if you have opened a file and you are working on it and a collaborator also opens the same file after you and starts working on it, then inSync saves the collaborator’s changes with “conflict” appended in the file name. Your changes are saved in the original file.

I changed the host name of my laptop. Will inSync Share work?

No. Your inSync Share will not work if the host or domain name of your laptop is changed.

FAQs on Share Links

What are share links?

You can share files or folders using links with non-inSync users, also known as guest users. 

What types of documents can be viewed directly on a Web browser?

Using the View link, the non-inSync users can open files directly in the inSync viewer. The inSync Viewer supports Microsoft® Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and PDF files only.

Can I view password-protected PDF files through the document viewer?

No. Password protected PDF are not supported with the document viewer.

Can I set an expiration date for a share link?

Yes. You can set an expiration date for a share link. After the set date, the shared link expires. To learn how to set expiration date, see Sharing files using download or view links.

Can I password-protect a share link?

Yes. You can password-protect a share link. Your administrator can make it mandatory to generate password protected links. In that case, the share links will be automatically protected with a password. To learn how to enable password-protection, Sharing files using download or view links.

FAQs on Guest Users

Can I share data with a non-inSync user?

Yes. You can share data with a non-inSync user. You can either share content using the share links or add the user as a collaborator to your Share folder. To learn how to create links, see Sharing files using download or view links. To learn how to add collaborators, see Managing shared folders.

Are the guest users required to install inSync client on their laptops?

No. Guest users are not required to install inSync client on their laptops. 

Can my inSync administrator delete my guest users?

Yes. Your inSync administrator can delete your guest users.

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