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Understanding inSync Share

Understanding inSync Share 

inSync Share is an add-on that enables data share and collaboration across your organization. If your inSync administrator has activated share and assigned the appropriate rights to you, you can use inSync Share to:

  • Sync content between your devices.
  • Share content with other inSync users.
  • Share content with guest users.
  • Share download links to your files.
  • Share view only links to your files.

The inSync Share folder

If your administrator has activated share, a folder named inSync Share is created on all your devices.

The inSync Share folder is the home directory for your shared data. Files and folders contained in this directory are synced across all your devices. If you want to share files, you must copy such files to inSync Share. Similarly, files and folders shared with you will appear in this folder.

Note: inSync Share allows you to selectively sync shared folders across your devices. This means that folders are accessible from inSync Web, but not contained in the inSync Share folder across your devices.

The Share page on inSync Web

You can use the Share page to perform tasks such as managing collaborators, downloading folders, and so on. 



This table contains a brief description of the Share page.

Area Description
Left navigation panel It contains links to navigate between the All Contents, Shared Content, Links, and Updates pages.

This is the main working area on the Share page.

  • All Content page: This displays all files and folders shared with other users. This also includes the selectively synced and non-synced folders. 
  • Share Content page: This displays all files and folders that you shared with others, or others shared with you.
  • Links page: This displays all the download or view-only links that you created.
  • Updates page: This displays the recent changes that you made to inSync Share data.
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