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Pausing and resuming inSync client

Pausing inSync client

When you pause inSync client, it stops backing up data to the inSync server. If a backup is in progress when you pause inSync client, the backup halts. To start backup again, you must resume inSync client. Your inSync administrator can also configure inSync clients to automatically resume paused backup following the backup schedule.

Note: You can pause inSync client only if the inSync administrator has assigned appropriate rights to you.

To pause inSync client

  • On the action bar, click Pause.

Resuming inSync client

When you resume inSync client, it starts data backup. If a backup is in progress when you pause inSync client, the backup halts. When you resume inSync client, backup starts from the state at which it was paused. 

Note: The Resume button appears only after you pause inSync client. 

To resume inSync client

  • On the Summary window, click Resume.
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