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Starting and cancelling backup

Starting a backup

inSync client runs a backup at regular intervals. In addition to these automatic backups, you can start a backup at any time.

Before you begin: Make sure you configured the backup folders from which data will be backed up. 


To start a backup

  • On the action bar, click Backup.

Backup from your device starts. A backup progress bar is displayed on the Summary page.

Note: Sometimes, your backups might fail because inSync client attempts to connect to the inSync server via networks that your administrator has disabled. To know if the network that you are using (such as 3G or Wi-Fi) is disabled, contact your administrator. 

Canceling a backup

To cancel a backup

  1. On the left navigation pane, click Summary.
  2. In the backup progress bar, click the cancel (Client_Cancelbackup.png) icon. 
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