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Changing the CPU priority for backups

Modifying the CPU priority for backups

If your administrator assigned appropriate rights to you, you can modify the CPU priority for inSync backups. If you set the priority to a low value, backups take longer time to complete. If you set the priority to a higher value, the performance of other applications might be affected. 


To modify the CPU priority

  1. On the left navigation panel, click Preferences.
  2. Click the Backup Preferences tab. 
  3. From the CPU priority list, select the priority that you want to assign to the backup process.
Note: The first backup is a full backup and requires the most processing power. All subsequent backups are incremental in nature and require low processing power. Druva recommends that for a full backup, you assign a CPU priority of 8. Thereafter, change the CPU priority to 5.
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