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Restoring system settings after an OS migration

How does inSync client help with OS migration?

If your organization mandates operating system migration, you can use inSync client to restore your backup data and system settings. However, inSync client restores only system settings only if your administrator enabled system settings backup for you. 

You can restore system settings at the time of activating inSync client. Because inSync only backs up system settings that are modified, a restore of system settings only involves modified settings.

At the time of inSync client activation, you can choose to restore system and application settings. After a restore completes, you must restart your device to allow the changes to reflect. 

Note: Before initiating system and application settings restore, ensure that the operating system and the applications on the new device and the device from which settings are being restored match the supported restores requirements.

Supported restores

Unsupported restores

Restoring system settings

Follow these steps to restore system settings to your device.

Before you begin: Make sure that the operating system and the applications on the new device match the supported restore settings.


To restore system settings

  1. Click the inSync client icon. 
  2. On the Activate Your inSync window, enter URL, Emailand Password.
  3. Click Activate.
  4. (Optional) Enter the proxy server details. For more information, see Configuring proxy settings during activation.
  5. Add a new device or replace an existing or lost device
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