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inSync client interface

The inSync client interface



This table contains a brief description of the inSync client interface.

Area Name Description
1 Action bar

It contains these action buttons:

  • Backup - Starts backup of data from inSync client
  • Restore - Lauches the data restore window
  • Share - Opens the inSync Share folder
  • Web - Launches inSync Web on the default browser
  • Pause -  Pause inSync client
2 Page

It is the main area of the client interface. There are three pages:

  • Summary page - Displays information about backups, backup folders, and share folders
  • Preferences page - Displays configuration options for backup resources, privacy settings, and proxy server settings, and inSync Share settings.
  • My Account page - Displays summary of your inSync account and option to change inSync password or reset inSync client
3 Left Navigation It contains links to navigate between the Summary, Preferences, and My Account page.

inSync system tray icons

This table contains a brief description of the inSync system tray icon.

Icon Description
icon1.gif Backup completed successfully. 



Data backup is in progress.
icon2.gif inSync client is paused.
icon3.gif Backup was disrupted or connection to inSync server was lost. 
icon4.gif inSync Share folder is updated. 
Note: The inSync system tray icon is not displayed on the Unity desktop of Ubuntu Linux.
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