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Pausing and Resuming inSync Client


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About pausing inSync client

If your administrator assigns to you the appropriate permissions, you can temporarily stop inSync client from backing up your data. Your administrator can configure inSync client to resume backups at the next scheduled backup. Alternatively, you can "resume" inSync client. If a shceduled backup is in progress when you pause inSync client, the backup is put on hold. When resumed (either manually or automatically), inSync client starts backup from the state that it was in before being put on hold. 

If an out-of-schedule backup is in progress, cancel the backup or wait for the backup to complete before you pause inSync client. 

Pausing inSync client


To pause inSync Client

  • On the Summary window, click Pause Backup.

Resuming inSync client

The Resume Backup button is displayed only if you pause inSync client. 


To resume inSync Client:

  • On the Summary window, click Resume Backup.
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