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Reactivating inSync Client


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Reactivating your inSync client

In some scenarios you might need to reactivate your inSync Client. For example, your administrator changes the inSync server URL or you get used a computer on which inSync Client was activated. 


To reactivate inSync client

  1. On the Summary window, click Preferences
  2. Under Account, click Reactivate. The Activate Druva inSync dialog box appears.
  3. Type the Server URLEmail, and Password for accessing inSync server, and click Activate.
  4. Add or replace your device.
  • To add a new device, select Add this new device to my account
  • To replace an existing device, select Replace an existing device, and from the list of devices, click the device that you want to replace. 



  1. (Optional) Restore system settings from one of your other devices.
  • Select Do you want to restore system settings on this device
  • From the list of devices, click the device from which you want to restore system settings. 
You can restore system settings only if you select Replace an existing device
  1. Click Finish.
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