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Druva Documentation

The inSync Web Interface


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.

Accessing inSync Web

To open inSync Web, perform any one of these tasks:


  • On the Summary window, click Launch inSync Web.
  • On the Summary window, click Restore.
  • In a Web browser, enter:
    • (Enterprise and Professionalhttps://<inSync Server URL>:<Web/App restore port>
    • (inSync Cloud or inSync Private Cloudhttps://<inSync Server URL>:<Web/App restore port>/home

The Dashboard page


This table contains a brief description of the Dashboard. 


S/N Description
1 The My Devices Summary area displays:
  • Names of your devices
  • Last Backup: Time elapsed since the last backup 
  • Backup Status: Status of the last backup
  • Backup Data: Data backed up from each device
2 The Quota Summary area displays:
  • Backup Data: Total data backed up from all your devices.
  • Share Data: Size of the data in your inSync Share folder.
  • Quota Usage: Quota consumed till now.
  • Quota: Quota allocated to you by your inSync administrator.
3 The Share Updates area displays the activity stream of your inSync Share folder.

The Share page


This table contains a brief description of the Share page.


S/N Description
1 The navigation area displays:
  • All Content: Shows all content of your inSync Share folder
  • Shared Content: Shows only data shared between your collaborators.
  • Links: Shows the share links that you created.
  • Updates: Shows the activity stream of your inSync Share folder.
2 The content area displays information corresponding to the tab selected in the navigation area.

The Restore page


This table contains a brief description of the Restore page.


S/N Description
1 The Search bar. You can use it to search for a file or folder across snapshots of a device.
2 The Devices area.  It displays the list of your devices backed up by inSync.
3 The Snapshots area.  When you select a device, snapshots corresponding to the device are listed here.
4 The content area. It displays the files and folders in the selected snapshot.
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