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Druva Documentation

Start and cancel backup


The inSync client automatically backs up data from your laptop at regular intervals. You can manually start a backup at any time or cancel a backup in progress.

Start a backup

To start a backup

  1. Start the inSync client.
  2. On the Summary page, click Backup. The Initializing backup bar appears. The inSync client prepares itself for backup.

    Once this initialization stage is complete, the Backup In Progress bar appears. The inSync client estimates the total data size for backup and uploads the data to the storage. When the inSync backup operation is complete, you can view the last successful backup and next scheduled backup details.

Cancel a backup in progress

To cancel a backup when the backup is in progress

  1. Start the inSync client.
  2. Click the cancel (Cancelbackup.png) icon.
  3. Click Yes on the prompt window.