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About inSync Web interface

About the inSync Web interfaceinSync_Web_Interface_5.4.2.pngThe following table lists the description of the inSync Web interface.

Area Description
  • All Content: Content in your inSync Share folder.
  • Shared Content: Content that you share with others or others share with you. For more information see, Work with inSync Share content.
  • Workspaces: Folders that your inSync administrator created to share content with different people who have the permissions. For more information, see Work with workspaces.
  • Links: Content that you share with others using shared links. For more information, see Share links with others.
  • Updates: Your activities in the inSync Share page. For more information, see View inSync Share activities.

In the My Devices page, you can view all your devices on which the inSync client is installed and the snapshots. You can restore or download backup data to your devices.

  • My Account: Your account information, quota summary, linked devices and backup summary. You can also reset your inSync Web password and reactivate the inSync Web. For more information on how to reset your password, see Update your inSync account password. For more information on how to reactivate the inSync client, see Reactivate inSync client.
  • Help: Access to Online Help for the inSync client.
  • EN: Language preference of the inSync Web interface. In addition to English, which is the default language, inSync Web is also available in Japanese, German, and French. For more information, see About language support for inSync Web.
  • Logout: Logout of inSync Web.
4 Search for inSync Share content within a specific inSync Share folder or workspace.